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Sandpoint, ID

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When is your beef available?
            We grass feed and grass finish our beef, so we only process during our grass finishing months, August through November. Our ground beef customers take delivery all year round.

Where is your beef raised?
Right here on the ranch! Made in Sandpoint, Idaho, USA

Can I purchase Selkirk Ranch beef Fresh or Frozen?
            We freeze all of our beef after cutting. We do this as most of our customers place it in their freezer, and it is also the only way we trust to ship and assure the quality of the meat.  Our commercial freezing process assures the beef is kept at its finest. We cannot and will not add the gases and other ingredients that supermarkets use to make their beef look, well, like supermarket beef.

Can I freeze your beef?
            We strongly recommend it, provided you follow these guidelines:

  1. Allow adequate space in your freezer (see the chart below).
  2. Always use a manual defrost freezer. The common “automatic defrost” kitchen units achieve their “frost free” name by periodically raising their temperature to melt the frost and will cause freezer burn.
  3. Do not put beef in a freezer with fruits and vegetables that “out gas.” Our local example is berries.  Huckleberries, strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, etc should not be stored with our beef.
  4.  If you must violate any of these rules, then order our beef in Cryovac® vacuum sealed plastic packaging. These bags cost more but will really help protect the flavor of the beef.
  5. Use a freezer with a temperature alarm. Don’t let your beef spoil!

Does your beef taste like supermarket beef?
            NO, Thank God!  Our beef is, in our humble estimation, superior in taste to anything you can buy at a supermarket. Read our dedicated page on “Why organic and grass-fed/grass-finished?" 

What cuts do you sell and how should I order them?
            We are only selling bulk ground beef, quarters, sides, and fulls to our local customers (see below) . 

            For local pick up and retail delivery for our Idaho, Montana, Washington and Canadian customers, we sell:

Lean Ground Beef:  Just what it says and more than 90% lean! Our ground beef is packed in 1.5 lb. tubes and available in 21, 30 and 51 pound box quantities.  

¼ Beef:  Often called a “mixed quarter” or “split quarter,” we pack some of all of the cuts from a side (instead of giving you only the cuts from just a front or a rear quarter). We cut the steaks to 1”, our standard. The hanging weight is usually around 140lbs.

½ Beef:  A “side” or “half”, usually with a hanging weight around 280lbs. We will cut the steaks to your favorite thickness, number per package, etc.

Full Beef:  Double of a ½ beef and with a hanging weight of around 560lbs.  We offer custom cutting and boneless at your request.


Our standard steak cuts include: Tenderloin, Porterhouse, Top sirloin, Rib steak, and Chuck steaks. Stew meat, soup bones, are also included.

Our roasts include: 3-4lb Chuck roasts, BRT (Boned, Rolled and Tied) Roasts.

We grind the lower cuts so that your order is around half ground beef.

Options on halves and whole orders include ($=at additional cost):

  1. Number of steaks per package
  2. Steak thickness (1" std, 0.75 to 3" possible)
  3. Cryovac (vacuum packed plastic wrap) ($)
  4. Short ribs, brisket, liver, heart, tongue, and dog bones
  5. Cubing is included at your request on round steaks or you may have it ground. You may also request cubing on other steaks($).
  6. Bone removal is available ($).
  7. If you elect to have us steak the whole Tenderloin, there will be New York Strips instead of Porterhouse and T-bone steaks.

Our family of four will easily use a ½ beef in a year (along with organic chicken and fish and all of the other stuff).  Larger families often order a full beef. If you are really not sure, start with a ¼ beef and learn your family’s specific usage.

What is hanging weight?
            Hanging weight is the weight of the quarter, or the side, or the full (two sides) after it has been dry aged, but before it has been cut up and further processed. Hanging weight is the weight we use to calculate the pricing on your order.  The actual weight of the product you take home will be less due to moisture loss, removal of bones, fat trim, etc.  Hanging weights vary from animal to animal usually by +/-15%, so at your request, we will notify you of the expected hanging weight before you are invoiced.

Can I buy smaller quantities of beef?
            No, we only have ground beef in small quantities. 

How do you package your meat?
            Our ground beef in side orders can be packaged in 1lb., 1.5lb tubes.  Our cuts are packaged in double wrapped paper. You may order all of your cuts in Cryovac at additional charge. Cryovac is vacuum sealed clear plastic. Our standard ground beef packaging is 1.5lb tubes.

Is your beef processed boneless, or bone in?
             We sell bone in as our standard. We accept special cut requests and bone in for ½ and full beef orders.

What is your Guarantee of Quality?
            The Selkirk Ranch is dedicated to the finest grass fed beef available. If you are dissatisfied, you may return the frozen unused portion within 30 days of purchase and you will be refunded for the unused portion.  Beef that has been mistreated or abused due to bad freezing, etc. can not be accepted. We are a Christian family and will do our best to assure your satisfaction.  We will treat you in the same manner as we ourselves would want to be treated.

How should I cook Selkirk Ranch beef? 
            Whether you grill, sauté, braise, roast, pressure cook or fry our beef, we recommend one thing, Selkirk Ranch beef is low in fat (just like fish), so please DO NOT overcook it!  It usually cooks 30% to 40% faster than high-fat grain fed beef.  For cuts we recommend pink in the center at the most.  For ground beef we are federally and state mandated to say “well done.”  We are big fans of grilling and you will really appreciate the flavor of our beef if you can resist the temptation to highly season it. Please try it with a little salt or a little garlic salt!  For those of you who love marinades, (and we do too!) our “Selkirk Ranch” marinade is spicy and fabulous (ask us!). 

Can I order patties?
            We are sorry, but this service is only available for large orders.

When can I pick up my order?
            We will contact you via phone or email when your order is ready. You make pick it up at Wood’s Meat Processing on Highway 95 north of Sandpoint. Bulk ground beef orders may be picked up at the ranch.

Can I order organic beef tongue, liver, heart, and other organs?
Absolutely! Please let us know when you place your beef order. For quarters, sides and fulls, if requested, we will include them at no additional charge based on availability. We do not sell these items individually.

Why does it take so long to raise your herd?
            We have a closed herd; this means we do not introduce cows or calves purchased from elsewhere.  This virtually eliminates the potential of introducing diseases.  We use our bulls to produce our desired characteristics. We have been raising cattle for 17 years and started with 6 pair of registered Red Angus cattle.  We have at least one Red Angus bull for our breeder development. At different points we will buy new bulls to augment our genetics. Our method is to buy these animals in the summer from local breeders we know and trust, and keep them under observation and isolation until the following year when we use them.
            In addition, grass-fed animals grow slower. It takes us longer (two years) than the commercial market to raise animals from calves to slaughter weight.  Other producers have called our grass fed, grass finished beef “slow food” and they are right!

Your site now says that you sell only to "local" customers. What is a local customer?       We define a "local customer" as anyone who can drive to Sandpoint to pick up their order. We thought this would mean people from our local counties, but people come from quite a distance to pick up our beef.

You seem to be out of beef frequently. How can I get an order in if beef becomes available?        Please send us an email and let us know what you are interested in. We will put you on our list and when we have an uncommitted animal we will fill your order. For best results, place your order in late May/June when you receive our Annual Availability Email.

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If you have a question that has not been answered here, please email us and we will do our best to answer it.  Please remember we are a small family run operation and it may take us a while to respond, but we will!

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