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2020 Selkirk Ranch Certified Organic Grass Fed Beef Pricing


Quarters, halves and wholes are available on a first-come, first served basis when accepted after our Annual Availability email in or around May.

Accepting Orders in and after April 2020.

We will have Bulk ground beef available for ranch pick-up in October.

The following prices, except ground beef, are based on hanging weight.

For a better understanding of hanging weight and what we are pricing here, please review our FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) section.

All prices are in U.S. dollars and do not include sales tax (6%) if applicable.

    Our standard processing fees are included, see our FAQs.

The Selkirk Ranch reserves the right to change pricing at any time. Pricing is no guarantee of availability. Only placed and acknowledged orders are assured fulfillment.

Hanging weights do vary. The weights below are multi-year averages. Ask us if you have any concern.

Lean Ground Beef

Our "The Selkirk Ranch" label ground beef is "whole grind." We grind all the steaks except the loins and that makes it Selkirk Ranch ground beef. Let everyone else call it ground sirloin, ground chuck, whatever.... try it and you will understand. In several blind taste tests, people love our ground beef the best!

We are selling our ground beef (packaged in 1.5 lb. meat tubes, only) in the following quantities:

21 pound box (14 tubes) @ $7.49/lb= $ 157.29
30 pound box (20 tubes) @ $7.39/lb= $ 221.70
51 pound box (34 tubes) @ $7.19/lb= $ 366.69

Larger quatities available in even multiples of 1.5 lbs @ $7.19/lb.

All of our Selkirk Ranch ground beef is greater than 90% lean. You will not find better lean ground beef!

¼ Beef

Beef mixed quarters with hanging weights of around 140lbs @ $5.99/lb. So most orders* will cost around (140 x $5.99) = $838.60 Around half the order will be ground beef.

½ Beef

Hanging weights of around 280 lbs @ $5.89/lb
So most orders* will cost around (280 x $5.89) = $ 1649.20 Around half the order will be ground beef.

 Full/Whole Beef

Hanging weights of around 560 lbs @ $5.69/lb
So most orders* will cost around (560 x $5.69) = $ 3186.40 Around half the order will be ground beef.

Cryovac vacuum evacuated plastic packaging is available($) on half and whole orders. It may be available on quarter orders. Pricing is $200.00 on a Full, $100.00 on a half and $50 on a quarter. (Please note: Cryovac is only available on a quarter when we are able to match that quarter with another buyer). Please see out FAQs for more information.

 * Hanging weights each year do vary, please ask us about your order.

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